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Wednesday McCarthy

MuscleRich Apparel Athlete Wednesday McCarthy

Kelowna, Britsh Columbia, Canada



  • Bikini Competitor since 2014

I grew up in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, from the time I was 8 I was a national level wake boarder traveling across the country which was the beginning of my desire to succeed as an athlete. I spend my high school years playing soccer for team BC. When I was 18 I moved to Alberta and pursued by fitness career and lifestyle. I am a currant student pursuing a degree in communication with a prior diploma in business. Fitness has manifested itself into aspect of life, I eat, sleep and breathe this lifestyle. My upcoming goals are to continue to inspire and motivate young women, to get my degree and to see everything the world has to offer making amazing friends the way! 

Favorite Sports
Bodybuilding, MMA, basketball (GO RAPS!)

Fitness, petting puppies, finding the perfect hot sauce. 

Favorite Cheat Meal
Pizza with extra pineapples, Menchies, Oreos! 

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