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Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans MuscleRich Apparel Athlete

Beaumont, Texas, USA



  • BPI Sports Athlete

  • Fitness Gurls Magazine Athlete

  • Published Fitness Model


Well, I am a fit mom to 3 young children and a small town Texas girl. I had a dramatic weightloss transformation after my third pregnancy that resulted in me finding my true passion in life. Lifting weights and inspiring others to live healthier. I had never lifted weights prior to 2013, so I was "new" to the whole fitness scene, but feel I fit right in. I have never competed before and currently don't plan to, but I love sharing my daily life as a busy fit mom juggling it all through my social media. I owned my own photography business for 7 years before setting that aside to pursue my own dreams of modeling and fitness. Striving to achieve my dreams with the obstacles of everyday life has influenced many and I can only hope to continue.

My goals are to continue to inspire women to take charge of their own health and fitness, and to further my brand and career.

Favorite Sports
Aside from lifting weights.. baseball!

Photography (being on both sides of the camera), cooking, painting, designing or just being creative, and quality time with family.

Favorite Cheat Meal
Thin crust Pizza or a Hamburger with sweet potato fries and of course Froyo for dessert!