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Patrick Browne

MuscleRich Apparel Athlete Patrick Browne Bodybuilder

Pomona, California, USA



  • Top National Level Athlete (Bodybuilding)
  • Personal Trainer
  • Posing Coach

I grew up in Southern California before moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Coming from a single parent household as an only child, my single greatest asset and lesson in life is work ethic. I watched a single mother come from nothing and make something of herself and was inspired to do the same. Fell in love with training at the young age of just 13. Originally was lifting to get bigger for football and the love for the iron took over, eventually leading to a departure from the football field and a move to the bodybuilding stage. 

Favorite Sports
Anything competitive.

Spending time with loved ones, artwork and sitting at the beach.

Favorite Cheat Meal
Donuts and pizza are life!