Mirko Maras IFBB Pro MuscleRich Apparel Athlete

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



  • Sandra Wickham 2013 - 2nd Place

  • BC Provincials 2014 - 1st & Overall
  • Nationals 2014 - 1st & Overall (Pro Card)
  • Vancouver ProAm 2015 - 3rd Place (Pro Debut)
  • Southwest Muscle Las Vegas 2015 - 10th Place 

I got into competing after being injured in a car accident and had a hard time getting back into shape. Needed to make a change so I committed to competing in a Men's Physique show and then fell in love. The dedication, sacrifice and sheer will power to make it through a prep are very admirable and I believe that's why the Fitness Industry is a tight community.

After experiencing a physical and mental setback I love being able to influence and empower people who feel the struggles of life like I did.

Favorite Sports
I've played all kinds of sports growing up but soccer is my main one... besides bodybuilding of course. Love playing tennis and martial arts as well, Judo specifically.

Love spending time with my friends, a good night of getting together and playing some board games or cards is awesome by me...especially since most of the time is prep time. Love to travel and enjoy new experiences. If food is a hobby...that's my main love. Also onto outdoor activities like camping and hunting.

Favorite Cheat Meal
My eyes are so HUGE that anything is great to me after prep. My go to would have to be Burgers and Pizza and for a sweet, cheesecake and a Duncan Heinz Chocolate cake with Vanilla and Chocolate icing...mmm.

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