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Mindy Harley

MuscleRich Apparel Athlete Mindy Harley Rock Solid Supplements

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Old enough to know better.


I am a Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor, Professional Makeup Artist, Social Media Management Specialist, and Head of Marketing for Rock Solid Nutrition, co-owned by my husband Sean Harley. I've been involved in the Fitness Industry for over eleven years. Some of my past achievements in those years include Host of my own Podcast Show "Diva Fitness", Published Writer for several international magazines, Cover Model and out of 100 Fitness Models, ranked #2 Top Fitness Model by Status Fitness Magazine.

At a young age I was bullied for around 7 years and that manifested into emotional eating issues. I later turned to fitnesss to help take control of my life and my body for the better. Later in life after tragic loss, I turned to the weights once more to help dig me out of my hole of depression. It's my hope that the more I share my stories, the more people it can touch who are going through similar experiences. We all have a duty to lift those up around us, not tear them down. That is my mission. 

Favorite Sports
Bodybuilding, MMA, Surfing, Hockey.

Spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, eating (thats a hobby right?lol), yoga, weightlifting (duh), movie night with my husband.

Favorite Cheat Meal
Papa John's Pizza/ Perogies/ Butter chicken/ DQ Mint Oreo Blizzard (you can't make me pick just one!)